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Biography Taz Soldo:

- Rapper, Composer, Songwriter (Language: german and croatian. Genre: Hip Hop, RnB, Rock, Pop, Dance, Etnosounds, Jingles and more)
- originally from Herzegowina (Rakitno / Posusje) , but work & lives in Reutlingen, Germany.
- founder of "Small Street"
- owner of Studio "Small Street", Germany
- Small Street is an international Audio- & Video production team: with a studio in Germany and one studio in Croatia
- he worked with international Acts (Rapper from G-Unit/USA, from Turkey, Columbia, Greek, Swiss, Austria, France, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegowina)
- working now succesful with Bernard Kumic - Berny with their hit single "udala se nikad nije" - this duo is working on new singles and a complete album... stay tuned!
- many live Gigs on TV, Festivals, Clubs in Germany, Austria, Swiss & the whole Balkan with Bernard Kumic - Berny

Awards: Grand Prix (Zlatno Sunce), Melodije Mostara 2011 (Title: Sveta Zemlja feat. Vuco), most listened Song of the year award (Zlatne Zice 2012) with Bernard Kumic - Berny - udala se nikad nije!

Production Small Street: Haris Dzinovic - Magic, Sasa Matic - Etno Album, Vuco - XI, Halid Beslic, Dzenan Loncarevic, Drazen Zecic, Zlatko Pejakovic, Hot Rod (G-Unit), Theodora Flora, Ramiz Bayraktar, European Championship K1 Opening Song, Nenad Vetma, Bernard Kumic-Berny, Trio Gust, Grupa Viva, Zdravko Skender and many many more...